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Dont give up and take a huge price reduction.
 Staging really does work.  
With our professional guidance,
   working within your budget, you can make changes that will make a difference, let us help you. 

Staging is ALWAYS cheaper than your first price reduction!



We have sold our inventory and are no longer staging vacant properties.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
We are however, still doing homeowner and investor consultations.


Home Owner Consultation
Yes, staging really does work
Staged homes sell faster & for more money.
 Just ask this home owner who had a consultation with ECHS and received multiple offers for over the asking price including an offer for 8,000 over asking

Click on the photo to view the entire consult

 Home design and staging expert Joey La Fata would be happy to come into your home and go over it with you from top to bottom showing you how to

 re-organize, re-design and stage your house to make your home ready for the buyers offer.

From re-arranging your furniture, helping you choose just the right paint colors for each room,  what to pack up and store away to de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home.

Joey will guide you through all the details to make your house look it's BUYER best.



This is simply the best tool you can use to sell your property.


Staging is the answer to getting your home 




"Staging is detailing your home to bring out its best features, allowing it to stand out from the competition, creating a lasting first impression." 


"Buyers will make the decision on whether they love the house or not in two minutes. Staging, even with inexpensive touches can make the difference."


" Staging adds measurable value to your home."


We help you see what needs to be done



And you can do the work yourself

Hello, My name is Joey LaFata. I am the owner and lead designer for ECHS.


I specialize in doing homeowner and investor consultations.

This is where I go over the property from top to bottom, room by room with the homeowner/investor. I know all of the tips and tricks to improve the look of each room on a budget to make it look it's "Buyer Best" to get the home SOLD FAST and for TOP DOLLAR! 

Some owners think they need to spend thousands of dollars replacing items that I can tell them how to make look it's "Buyer Best" on a budget with just a little elbow grease.

"If there is a way to repair it, re-purpose it, clean it or paint it to look like new again, I know what products to use, where to get them and how to do it the right way. Durning your consulataion I will instruct you on how you can do it yourself and SAVE $$$!" 


I create " The Homework list".

I take photos of each area in each room and type out a full written report for the homeowner/investor itemized by each room including the basement, garage, the outside of the home including the curb appeal of the front entrance, the landscaping, fencing...

Inside, outside, top to bottom, I cover it all!

"Many homes have issues that need repair or replacing but the owner just didnt get to it right away and then they actually get so used to it that they just do not notice it anymore. The owner needs a fresh pair of professional eyes to view the property BEFORE  it is listed for sale with photos."

It is then up to the homeowner to choose what and how much they would like to accomplish off of the "Homework list" but I do advise to do as much as possible. "The more you do off of your list, the better the home will look to the buyers and therefore the more showings you will have and the Higher the amount the offers will be for!"


I  create the "Pre-Showing Checklist".

This is a checklist of items they will want to address before each showing occurs.

An example of an owners "Pre-showing checklist"

 Turn on EVERY light in the home including the light on the hood fan. Open the window treatments. Hang fresh clean towels in each bathroom.

Place the dogs food and water bowl in the laundry room cabinet. Put all dogs toys in the toy basket and place under the laundry room sink.

Cut apple slices, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake for 15 minutes, turn off the oven.

Move the car down the street and take the dog for a walk  for 10 minutes before the showing. 


Have you ever watched a show on HGTV like, Get it Sold, The Stagers, Flip this house, List it or Love it, The Property Brothers, Flipping the block, Kitchen Cousins, (I could go on and on) and thought to yourself,

"I wish I could have someone like that come into my home and tell me what to do with this place?"



How much does this awesome service cost?

Are you sitting down? It is only $199.00 If your house is Under 2,000 square feet!

It is $199.00 for up to 2,000 square feet, $299.00 for 2,001 - 3,000 square feet, $399.00 for 3,001 - 4,000 square feet and $499.00 for 4,001 and up.

We have many testimonials from homeowners and real estate agents who will tell you it is worth every penny and more. :)


My photography services

 After you have completed your Homework list" and you are ready to list the home on the market I will bring my cameras, (yes, I use two of them), double light, and step stool out to the home. I take my time and take several photos of each room from different viewpoints of the room.

I also include exterior photos of the home, garage, shed, backyard, etc. as well as local to your home areas like parks, bike trails, lakes, a clubhouse, courtyard, etc.

I then review the photos in my office using computer software.

 I crop, enhance color and edit the photos to look their "Buyer Best."

 I then upload these photos to a photo sharing service and share the file with your real estate agent for use on all of the real estate for sale websites, the MLS and all of the agents marketing items.

How much does the photography service cost?

If you have had a Homeowner consultation this service is only 49.99!* as long as it is in our local area* (Based out of Sterling Heights and Shelby Twp.)

The fee is higher if you would just like my photo service without a consultation. It ranges based on the size of the property and the location.

Would you like all of the new photos on a CD for you to take with you to your new home? No problem :) For an additional $9.99 we will create a keepsake CD of your home with a laser printed photo of the home on the face of the CD.


"I worked as a buyers agent from 1999-2007 and I loved working with first time home owners :)Doing this has educated me greatly in knowing what the buyers are looking for in their new home!I know all of the paint colors that are the "Move in ready" colors that the buyers want.

I have "The List" of the top 12 things the buyers are looking for in their next house and if your house can match this checklist they will more likley choose to buy your house over the competition." - Joey LaFata


Why not give your home that extra edge in the real estate market?

Call Joey LaFata today to book your homeowners or investors consultation.




Hiring Joey to stage our home before we put it on the market was one of the best decisions we ever made.  Our home attracted fourteen scheduled showings in less than a week.  We received a full-price offer just one day after listing, and then another offer three days later at a price over asking, without closing cost assistance, which we accepted.  The higher price more than made up for Joey’s fee.

There were several reasons why we picked Joey over other home stagers.  To begin with, Joey does not charge a “consultation fee” to visit your home and quote the job, which we were surprised to learn many home stagers do.  Second, she owns her own furniture and accessories, while many others rent from a third party.  Third, she has a background in real estate and has a good sense of what it takes to sell a home, and not just do an interior decorating job.  Last but not the least, we were simply impressed by the quality of her work and attention to detail - before we decided to hire her, she showed us two homes that she was staging at the time, and even though they were older homes they showed like model units.   

One thing we were a little concerned about with Joey was that she needs an entire week to stage a property, but it was well worth the wait for us and the time and effort she put into our home really showed.  She went above and beyond by not only taking care of how our place looked but also how it smelled - she noticed a pet odor coming from the carpet after it was steam-cleaned, and found a deodorizer that eliminated it.  

We are convinced that it is thanks to Joey’s staging that we were able to sign a good offer less than a week after listing.  When your home is one of several on the market in the same area, staging it makes it stand out.  But don’t just go for any stager who peppers your place with furniture here and there.  Get Joey and get it done with impact.

Karlo and Tina
South Lyon, MI
Click the photo to read more wonderful testimonials written by agents and homeowners like yourselves.


We are very proud to receive this USCA award. Click here to read more.