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It may surprise you but vacant homes are especially difficult for buyers to visualize living in.

 Vacant rooms appear smaller and lack a point of reference. Buyers are often puzzled regarding flow, purpose and scale of an empty room and how their lifestyle will fit. 

 We transform a lifeless property into a warm and inviting home by staging it!

"Staging" is turning your cold, empty, bare property into a warm, inviting, welcoming home which has character and personality of it's own. We accomplish this by taking all of the following steps.

We evaluate the focal points each particular property offers.These focal points, which are objects or details that catch the buyers eye are crucial for making a space appear warm and welcoming from the moment a buyer enters.

We start by viewing the property in person. We take many photographs of each room, note the color of the walls and carpeting, the style of the rooms and any special characteristics each room may have. We then research through our database looking for the right items to fit the design of each room. If we don't have it, or it's currently in use at another property, we start shopping for just the right items to highlight your homes best features and colors.

We use many things from furniture, (bookcases, sofas, love seats, chairs in all styles, coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables, dining room sets, queen size beds, twin size beds, dressers, night stands), to accessories like lamps, greenery, candles, vases, pictures, wall art, books, area rugs and all the little detailed items right down to the alarm clock on the night stand.

We strive to make each property look warm and welcoming. Very clean line, spacious, well kept and of course, like Mr. & Mrs. clean live here.
After staging, your house will look like a model home.

The next step is moving it all into the home, we always bring more than we use to have several items to choose from. We unpack everything and start placing it in all the right areas. This is the most time consuming part of the process. It can take up to 4 days, depending on how many rooms and the size of each room that we are staging.

When we think we are finished, we take several pictures of each room at different angles. We then go back to our office and review each photo of each room with a design manager. If we feel that it can be improved upon we do just that. We do not stop until we are happy with each room.

We then go back to the property and make any improvements we feel necessary and take the final photo's for the client to use on the MLS, Realtor.com, fliers, postcards, websites, real estate books, etc. The photo's are then E-mailed to the client or copied to a compact disk and mailed to the client and agent, which ever the client prefers.

We also incude a full inventory of all the items used for your personal staging. We place business cards, fliers and signs in the property to let guests know that the home has been professionally staged by Exquisite Creations Home Staging and to please enjoy visually and not physically. To keep our items looking fresh and new, our items are not to be used in any way.


"Every home has It's own personality. My job is to highlight the interesting features which increase value and bring out the best potential of each home. I can create a warm and welcoming feeling in any property."

Our Goals
  • To bring out your homes best features.
  • To make each room look its best.
  • To get your property sold fast!

We are dedicated to serving our client's needs, and our goal is 100% client satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service. If something isn't right, please let us know.