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Start with the front entrance to your home.
 Welcome in the buyers with a fresh and clean new doormat, mailbox, porchlight & house numbers and a fresh coat of paint on the front door is always a great idea.

If you want to try staging on your own, here are some helpful hints that can brighten up any property.
  • Plants add life to any room (but if the home is vacant use silk pants)
  • A bowl of fruit is great for a punch of color
  • Mirrors can make a small space seem larger
  • Candles add a sence of warmth and a a nice scent 
  • Throw pillows are great for an accent color
  • Clean & clutter free is a must
  • Vary the height of shelves on the wall and add small decor 
  • Dont cover up the windows with heavy curtains, let the light in
  • Room too white? Dont be afrid to add a splash of color
  • Everyone needs a bathroom catch-all. Before you leave the bathroom  toss all your personal belongings into a basket with a nice hand towel draped over the front edge of it.
  • A fresh coat of paint is always the right choice
  • Area rugs are great for color and depth (But do not hide anything under them or the buyer will be calling you after the closing with a problem)
  •  Make sure you replace all burn out light bulbs and have all light fixtures turned on for your showings, no one likes a dark house
  • Books books books, use them everywhere!
  • Keep an open walkway through every room. The buyers should not have to walk around your "stuff" to view the house
  • Bead board is a nice and affordable alternative for drywall that requires too much work to repair
  • Clean your fireplace and hearth 
  • Use white vinegar to clean the shower doors
  • Use MAAS to polish any metal surface
  • Soak up oil or grease in the garage or driveway with cat litter. Clean the surface with Oil Eater (Costco warehouse)
  • Mr. Clean magic eraser does wonders for scuff marks on the floor or walls (dont rub too hard or it will take the paint off!) 
  • Fresh flowers are great for an open house
  • Have soft inviting music playing through out the home while buyers are walking through
  • Remove all personal items from sight for every showing 
  • Reserve "special" towels for your bathroom just to put out for your showings
  • Large furniture makes the room appear smaller, remove a few pieces from the room and see what happens
  • Stay away from loud or very bright colors, they tend to scare away the buyers
  • When in doubt, remove the wallpaper. It has a personal touch and buyers like their own taste. They see too much work ahead of them in removing it themselves
  • CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Agents love when they can put into thier listing ticket "MR AND MRS CLEAN LIVE HERE!" Have you ever seen a house that was too clean?
  • Pack away everything you can live with out until you move into your new home, less is more!
  • Bake cookies right before an open house or a showing

Joey La Fata - Designer and Owner