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Joey La Fata

  Joey is not just a "home stager", she is a real estate problem solver.
The average stager can stage or "decorate" the typical house with defined rooms. 
When you have that property that has the room or rooms that do not have a clear purpose and confuses the buyer, that is when you need to call Joey right away!
I was doing a quote for a client on a house with several different odd living rooms, as we were looking at the photos on the laptop, a couple walked in the front door for a showing. They were in and out within 2 minutes and this was a 3,350 sq ft house so I knew they did not view the entire property. They saw the odd living areas and were confused as to what room was for what purpose and just walked out.
Joey uses her 13 years of real estate experience and 8 years as a buyers agent specialist to get a feel for who the general buyers will be for that area, size of house, etc and uses that information to give those confusing rooms the right purpose for that property. 
This can make or brake the sale of the house!!!
Any staging company can stage...but Joey can problem solve!
Joey La Fata founded Exquisite Creations Home Staging in October 2006. 
After working as a buyers agent for over 8 years she heard the comments and feedback from the buyers as they viewed many vacant properties for sale.

"My clients would have a hard time with the scale of the empty room. The rooms seem much smaller when they are empty. I found myself measuring out the size of a bed on the floor so my buyer could see that there was enough room for her personal furniture and items."

The properties also needed to be warmer and more welcoming.
Joey noticed that when she showed a property with nice furniture and todays colors, the buyers responded with a possitive reaction, but found that they didn't care for the "all sterile white" house or the "grandpa and grandma" wallpaper and decor. 

"I had two houses to show to the same client that were on the same street with the same layout, square footage, and room sizes.The first one was vacant. The seller had just painted all the walls white. It had hard wood floors, an all white kitchen, updated bath in cream colors and a newer roof. The second was lived in. The living room was a warm cocoa brown with deep wood tone furniture with a creamy accent color and window treatments. The kitchen was a bright vibrant sunkissed yellow with white dinner plates and yellow bread plates set out on the table with yellow napkins wrapped in white flowers. A simple glass vase sat in the middle of the table with 3 white lillies in it.  My buyers went crazy over this house! I tried to point out that the first house had a new roof and this one was at least 15-20 years old. It didnt matter. I tried to point out the fact that the first house had an updated bath and this one was original. "But its so cute!" she exclaimed.
The owner had taken out all of their personal items such as the toothbrushes, hair brush, mouthwash, everything was replaced with simple clean decorative items and fresh clean hand towels.
I showed them cracks in the walls that I had found that they did not see because they were too busy looking at all the pretty things.
Nothing mattered.
The buyer was well aware that the personal items that she liked were not included with the sale. She wanted that house.
This was the final straw for me. I knew staging properties really made a difference!" Edit Text
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