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Taleya Kelly

Here's what our clients are saying...

"Dear Joey, I am writing you this letter with hope that you put it on your web site for everyone to see, because I want the agents and potential clients to know what I think of the work you did to stage my listing on veronica in East Pointe. When I first called you to walk through the home, I had no idea how thorough you were going to be! I was amazed at your in-depth knowledge regarding buyers and their buying patterns. The things you pointed out and the tips you gave me as the listing agent were things I found to be very helpful. My sellers are competing with over 400 other listings so a showing is like a piece of gold. Your help in making the house really stand out was above and beyond what I expected!

Because my listing was a vacant house, the pictures looked really "BLAH!" Now I can hardly tell It's the same house! But It's the little touches that really blew me away...Like the strawberry cake on the dining room table and the pitcher of iced tea in the kitchen! Not to mention your eye for color! Your choice to paint the flordia room Apple Green was GENIUS!! The feedback I've gotten so far has been great and I know this house is going to sell!
Taleya Kelly
Keller Williams Great lakes
586 541-4064
Joey:  Thank you so much for the amazing work you do staging my listings. 
As a listing agent , my job is to sell my client's homes for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.  Thanks to you, I do that on a regular basis!! 
 I always tell my clients: "It's not enough to win the price war; you have to win the Beauty Pageant as well!!"  I absolutely know for sure that if they agree to pay for staging it's less than their first price reduction and their home ALWAYS sells for more than it would unstaged.  Always!!  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Every single time: Period!!! You did such a great job with my Moross listing.  Not only did we sell it for full price, the appraised value came in higher than I anticipated when I listed the home.  Based on the comps I looked at; I KNOW it was the staging.  Keep up the good work and I will continue to urge EVERY single client to use you!!
Taleya Kelly, Keller Williams Great Lakes
586 541-4064
Sept 18th, 2010

Good Morning Joey!

I just wanted to thank you and your staff on a job well done!  As a real estate investor time is money and it is crucial when I renovate a house that is sold quickly.  I had never staged a home before and recently I had a home that was totally renovated and turn key ready.  In 6 months we had no offers and I was beginning to get discouraged.  My realtor who is accustomed to working with investors kept assuring me that we just have not found the right buyer.  Well then he had personally used Joey and told me that I should have her stage my home.  I called her and she came out and gave me a consultation.  In addition to staging the home she gave me a fresh pair of eyes and recommended that I make a few changes that I had overlooked and was grateful for her keen eye and professionalism.  The end result was after staging the home we had sold the house for full asking price in 45 days and this was between the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  I cannot thank Joey and her staff enough and will use them on all my investment properties.  Many Blessings to you and your business!

A man seeking God's own heart!

Russel Mangiapane Jr.
ETT Investments 
March 20th 2012

Hi Joey!
The house is going great, we have much of the plumbing and electrical rough in so moving along nicely. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us going through our property. I was very impressed with how much time you spent with us going over all aspects of the property inside and out.

 You had many unique ideas that we didn't think of: painting that old fence Rust-oleum Hammered silver to help it look better  which will save me a bunch of money so I don't have to tear it out and install a new fence. You gave great recommendations on interior and exterior paint colors and provided me with a paint palette to help me come to a confident decision, the idea of the opening up of the entire dining room wall from the kitchen to the dining room and adding an island helped me to expand upon the ideas I had and get me into a more creative thought process not only for this property but for future properties. You also recommended that I could sell some of the older items that came with the house that I no longer needed, that they could be worth some money instead of just tossing them out...... anyway, I could go on and on with all the great ideas you came up with!
You also helped me make decisions on things I had been pondering over.
And thank you for the written report on everything!

Plus I really appreciated your help weeks later when I had some other questions come come about finishes for shower fixtures and colors for the hardwood stain and you sent a text right back to me!

Anyway, I would definitely use your services again and highly recommend your consultation to others. It was very helpful and informative!

Thank you!

Key Property Solutions, LLC
Phone: (248) 914-7228

Joey, in one word...WOW!!! Thanks to you and your team for the excellent staging work you had done on our rehab project in Ferndale, MI.  The furniture, artwork and other accessories you chose were absolutely perfect for the house and gave each room a sharp, modern look.  It was really unbelievable the difference it made on the presentation of the entire home!!  Your staging brought out the true character of the house and made it come alive.  I was completely amazed, especially with the bedrooms.  The bedrooms were initially just empty spaces, but your staging took these rooms to another level and I couldn't believe how awesome they looked when you were done with them!!  It also made these rooms appear larger and helped illustrate how furniture could fit in these areas. You have a great eye for detail and how to utilize space. Our before/after photos look absolutely terrific with your staging.  I was able to show the home with total confidence and we received so many great comments from buyers and agents alike. We had the home on signed purchase agreement just under 1 month after staging!!  I am convinced that staging is an absolute must in selling a home quickly and I will definitely be utilizing your services for future projects.  I highly recommend you and Exquisite Creations Home Staging to others without question!!  Thank you!
Chris Lynn
Royal Oak, MI.
May 2nd 2011
Hiring Joey to stage our home before we put it on the market was one of the best decisions we ever made.  Our home attracted fourteen scheduled showings in less than a week.  We received a full-price offer just one day after listing, and then another offer three days later at a price over asking, without closing cost assistance, which we accepted.  The higher price more than made up for Joey’s fee.

There were several reasons why we picked Joey over other home stagers.  To begin with, Joey does not charge a “consultation fee” to visit your home and quote the job, which we were surprised to learn many home stagers do.  Second, she owns her own furniture and accessories, while many others rent from a third party.  Third, she has a background in real estate and has a good sense of what it takes to sell a home, and not just do an interior decorating job.  Last but not the least, we were simply impressed by the quality of her work and attention to detail - before we decided to hire her, she showed us two homes that she was staging at the time, and even though they were older homes they showed like model units.   

One thing we were a little concerned about with Joey was that she needs an entire week to stage a property, but it was well worth the wait for us and the time and effort she put into our home really showed.  She went above and beyond by not only taking care of how our place looked but also how it smelled - she noticed a pet odor coming from the carpet after it was steam-cleaned, and found a deodorizer that eliminated it.  

We are convinced that it is thanks to Joey’s staging that we were able to sign a good offer less than a week after listing.  When your home is one of several on the market in the same area, staging it makes it stand out.  But don’t just go for any stager who peppers your place with furniture here and there.  Get Joey and get it done with impact.

Karlo and Tina
South Lyon, MI

Hi Joey,

Thank you for all of your hard work at our house.  We appreciate the time and thoughts.  Both ourselves and our realtor were very impressed with the changes, so much so that he decided to re-list the property immediately after you provided the pictures!  It is amazing how much your suggestions and a couple days of work did for our home.  It looks larger, cleaner and warmer.  Two days after you took the updated pictures we had a great showing with our first positive feedback.  We are looking forward to more showings and an offer soon.  Thank you for everything!

Dave and Kelley Gorman

Jan 30th 2012

 "Joey is a great person to work with. Very creative and professional. I will use her again as needed and always recommend her to my clients."
Christine Kilpatrick
Sept 20th 2011
 "Joey will come to your client's home and really help sell the idea of Home Staging. We've all seen what kind of difference Home Staging can make in today's market, and Joey uses creative ways to save the clients money while dressing up their home to sell. 199.00 in-home consultations are a plus! Thanks Joey!"
Randy Gates
Keller Williams Realty

Hi Joey,
I'm sold ! Your staging of my listing in Novi is without a doubt the reason that it sold. The three story home had a "quirky" layout that didn't allow for much of a living room and kitchen area.  Your talent was put to use and you delivered.
Within two weeks of being listed on the market, I had multiple offers and sold it for more than the list price.
The seller thanks you and I thank you.  This was my first experience with staging and I can guarantee you that I will always use you for my staging needs.
Your work is amazing.You are greatly appreciated.
Arlene Redmond
Keller Williams Lakeside Realty
March 5th 2011
Joey LaFata & her staff do a fabulous job of making my listings look great. I am always impressed by the huge change they create in making any house look homey and welcoming. Their professional handling of every aspect of the process from consultation, cleaning, repairing and staging a property makes me happy to refer them to my clients. They have staged numerous properties for me and my clients and have always made a positive difference that helped obtain numerous showings and got fair offers usually within the first 30 days. I know how important staging is especially in the current market. The first time I met Joey for a consultation I hired her to stage a property that had been on the market for 6 months - after she worked her magic on the staging the house sold the first week for full price! They have done a great job for me every time and I wouldn't even think of trying to sell a house without her making it look it's best. Thanks Joey. You are the Best!
Lee Browning
Express Realty
Aug 4th 2011
 "I have worked with Joey in the past and her expertise helped me get the job done. The first person who walked in after Joey staged the house, closed the deal!"
Robert Bielat
Keller Williams Great Lakes
586 541-4000
Joey staged our house for sale and we sold it quick!! She made it look like it was right out of a magazine!! Not only were we happy with it but once it was staged and posted we had 4 appointments to look at it the same day. Thanks to Joey and her crew!

Patty Campbell Phillips



Hey girl friend ;)

I am very disappointed to tell you that I did not set a record

It took 12 days to get a cash offer on the huntcliff condo :)

A real good offer so thanks for all of your help!! 

Thank you,Eric C. Wilhelm

Advantage Realty Inc.



Hi Joey,
Thanks so much for the great job you did staging my home.  I wanted to buy it myself!!  You transformed it. I have to compliment you on the pre-planning of the staging-visiting my home and then offering options of different furniture and design options.  Once you decided the major pieces you filled in the wall hangings and decorative pieces. You have some gorgeous wall hangings and knick knacks. 
Your team also performed very timely staging my home. 
 You were readily available to make changes or delegate the new items to one of your team members. Also, you were very versatile and able to help with light fixtures, medicine cabinets and landscaping.
I know the staging helped to sell my home much faster than if it was vacant.
Thanks Joey,
Hi Joey,
The house is absolutly gorgeous, just beautiful!
I feel like I'd like to move back in again!
Thank you very much,
Mollie Breasbois
 "Joey's designs are so warm and inviting I want to move into every home she stages, Love her sense of style."
Colleen Sikora

I went over to the house and looked and WOW!!!  It is not the same house! 
 I feel like I am going through somebody else's home, nice job!. 
 Do send me the link to your website as I have been telling people at work and church about the incredible transformation you have made to my parents house and they would like to see the tranformation for themselves. They have never met anyone who has had their house staged before. I'm so glad my agent referred me to you. I just know that the house would not have sold the way it looked before in this market. The staging has brought it from the 1950's to 2009!
What a difference!
Thank you so much!
Roseanne Matty

Hi Joey,
We priced the house at $275,000 and sold it for $270,000.  We are very happy to have sold the house so quickly.  We definitely feel that staging the house helped sell it and sell it quickly.  The Great Room and Living Room were especially nice.  We received many compliments from Realtors. 
We also took a prospective buyer through the house before it went on to market and the woman said that she loved the staging and it made her want to buy the house. 
 Your staging made such an impression that I am trying to talk my Aunt in Orlando to start her own staging company.  She is great at decorating.
Thanks again for a job well done,
(Kirkshire sold in 35 days!)

Joey did a great job staging my home for sale.  Her creativity highlighted all the key features of my home and made it look like pages from a magazine!

Vicky Spring Love
Author and Speaker

Unbelievable! I did not recognize my own house after Joey was done with it. She really goes the extra mile to make what you have absolutely beautiful! Our house sold in a month!!! We were told by our neighbors that it could take up to a year or more to sell on our street. Thank God that our agent told us about Joey and her staging company. After I saw the "before and afters" on her website I was impressed, but seeing our own house staged in person just blew us away! Incredible! I almost wanted to move back in! I will never even try to sell another house without having it staged by Joey. Why would we, It cost well under a thousand dollars and if we did'nt do this we were going to lower our price another 5,000.00 so actually by staging the house, we saved over 4,000.00 !!! A big Thanks to Joey and her crew from both of us.
Gene and Audrey Irwin

Hi Joey,
I just wanted to say thanks.  When you came out for my consultation, it was fun.  You had alot of great suggestions.  Which I later refered to as my work list.  The house looks awesome, I have had so many viewings and continue to have viewings, even though I accepted an offer.  I must say my latest offer (she has had more than one) is $8,000.00 more than my asking price.  I listed my house 5 years ago and I never had one person look at my house, now I can't keep them out.  It's been great.
I have to say when you came out and then sent me my "work list".  I thought no problem I can have this done in about 4 to 6 weeks, and I was also under the delusion that I was going to have lots of help.  Wrong!  I truely under-estimated the time and hard work that you put in to all your staging jobs.  It took me, with minimal help, about 4-5 months.  But I did it!  My family kept asking me why are you painting that? Why are you doing that?  I just kept saying "Joey Said to".  Those were the words that kept me going.  And look it totally paid off!
I have a new appreciation for all your hard work and effort.  I never realized how important staging a home is until now, but let me tell you that in this market it is so very important!
My boyfriend Brian kept saying, "what did we learn from this?"
 The answer is what you (Joey) always says "less is more" 
Thank you for everything, but I think the next time I get ready to move I will just pay you to do all the work and I will stick to nursing!
Thanks again for helping me sell my house and keep up all the wonderful work you do for your clients.  Your awesome!
Forever greatful,
Jody Speight


Thanks so much for meeting with us at our Omo Road property. You have really helped with some wonderful ideas that we had not thought of. Your suggestion to paint the fireplaces really turned out great. It really makes a big difference in the room. In our main bath, which is not very spacious, you had suggested we put a small cabinet over the toilet in lieu of a medicine cabinet over the sink.  We appreciated that idea since we were looking to add some type of storage but were at a loss for ideas.  Also in the bathroom, we were thinking of putting in shower doors and you had a great point when you suggested we not do that.  Shower doors make it more difficult to give children baths and also shower curtains give the home owner the chance to change up the decor at a very low cost. We really think the concept of adding closet organizers in the master bedroom will be a great attention getter when we sell the home.  Appealing to the woman looking for organization and storage! 

The colors you sugggested for paint were wonderful.  The one we chose for the main living areas is just great - we love it so much, we may be doing a room in our own home in the same color.  You also were right on with the trim color for the outside of the house. (Taupe) It really made a difference with the curb appeal. Thanks also for suggesting that we extend our granite counter top to make it a snack bar.  We believe this little addition will add a great deal to appealing to potential buyers. 

Overall, we were very satisfied with our consultation with you.  Your advice on light fixtures, cabinet hardware and general "buyer appeal" has really made this process a pleasure. 

Thanks again for all of your help and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

Catherine and Tony Huhn

REIA of Macomb Members


Dear Joey, Just a note to let you know how much Jeff and I appreciated all the input you gave us on our first of many flips. The layout of the color scheme was crucial to the already purchased granite countertops and cabinets. Thanks God you were there to guide us because my colors would never have worked and ideas that have made our sale complete for our flip. Also thank you for being so kind when I had to cancel the staging for the house had a buyer, I was happy to hear you happy for us and not feel you lost money. Looking forward to using you in our future endeavors.

Thanks again,

Jeff and Judy Maniaci

REIA of Macomb Members


"In what is a dark and bleak housing market we found a shinning light.
My father in law passed away at the end of 2007 and my husband and I found ourselves in the overwhelming position of trying to sell his property in the worst housing market in recent history. This was challenging enough, but there was more. We were trying to sell it fast and from out of state. We were searching for a miracle. There was no way we were going to be able to do this without many trips back and fourth between Shelby Twp, MI and Tampa, FL for months and months. We took one day to interview real estate agents. We found on that we liked that same day.The next day she told us about Joey.
It was the miracle we were looking for. We were back in Tampa when I finally called her. She recognized the sensitivity of the situation. Joey put us at ease and there were no concerns from that point forward. She went to the house, took a look and called me back with a list of things that she thought would work in our budget and then like magic she made it happen. She sent pictures showing the progress and kept us updated on everything. Within 7 days of the completed product we had a signed purchase agreement. Joey was an unexpected gift that made the pain of the situation more bearable and made miraculous things happen in a market where they never happen. (sold in 7 days!) Joey was not only supportive of the selling of the house she was also supportive of the family. It is not often you find people with talent and geniune concern for their clients.
Joey, my family is eternally grateful."
Kelly L. Knecht
(813) 253-2010
(Kelly's property SOLD in 7 days!)
“Joey did an awesome job staging my home for sale. Her attention to detail and eye for interior design and color made my home look like pages from a magazine!”
Dr. Vicky Spring Love
April 27, 2010