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How much does this awesome service cost?

Are you sitting down? A homeowners consultation is only $199.00 If your house is Under 2,000 square feet!

It is $299.00 for 2,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet and 399.00 for 4,000 square feet and up.


What if I need ECHS to enhance my house by

Adding some decor or help me physically make some changes to my house?

Our prices are affordable for everyone!
It is not thousands of dollars like people think.
We can work within your budget.

Staging is always cheaper than your first price reduction!!

Call today for your FREE quote.

We have several types of furniture
To match every type of property and budget

We have three types of furniture.
Economy which is for smaller rooms and owners on a tight budget.
Standard which is warm and inviting and looks great in any home.
Deluxe which is our most popular furniture. It makes any house look like something straight out of a magazine.

We can not tell you how much it would be to stage a property without seeing the property, just like an agent cannot tell a client how much a house would sell for
without seeing it first.

It depends on the type of furniture we use, how many rooms we stage and how large the rooms are.
I have heard some stories about how much some other staging companies are charging so I need to say to you, PLEASE, let me come out to view the property for FREE, I do not charge $150.00 to look at it or $75.00 an hour.

Our prices are affordable for everyone!

It is not thousands of dollars like people think.

Staging is always cheaper than your first price reduction!!

Call today for your FREE quote.

Our economy collection starts at only 395.00!
You can afford staging!




Staging is decorating the home to appeal to a broader range of buyers to help the listing sell faster and for more money.
When I stage a home for sale, I take into account who the targeted buyers are, What kind of neighborhood it is, What the price range is that the potential buyers are looking at, what the sellers budget is and how much staging is needed. Every home is unique so every staging job is different. I tailor each job to accommodate the sellers budget and what the home needs to have done.

Prices for each house differ, just as each house is different.
It depends on how many rooms, how large the rooms are and what type of furniture is used.
We have three types of furniture.
The Economy for small homes and sellers on a budget, The Standard which is a step up from the Economy and perfect for any home.
And the Deluxe set which
is our most popular furniture.
 It makes any home look GORGEOUS!

Call Today for your FREE quote
(586) 823-0083


Each property is individualy priced. You must have a consultant view the property in person to receive a quote. There is NEVER a charge for a quote.

ECHS does not charge extra for anything in your home staging package.
Furniture, art, lighting, area rugs, and window treatments are all included in the price quote. We charge by the room, so you do not have to pay for a full house staging when it is not necessary. Many times we can skip bedrooms if they are large enough for the buyer to invision their furniture in the room. 
We own our furniture and inventory so you are not forced to rent used furniture from a rental company and sign a rental contract for a long period of time after your house could already be sold.