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Mark Z.

Here's what our clients are saying...

My name is MARK Z. and I sell over 275 homes a year and I'm embarrassed to say that I have never recommended home staging to my clients until I tried it myself on one of my personal properties I was trying to sell. I didn't want to recommend it to a client unless I was 100% confident there was value to it. I ended up staging 7492 Embassy in Canton. The house sold within two days on the market and it sold within $1,000 of our asking price. In fact it sold higher than what it ended up appraising for, another attribute to staging a home. I had another home listed for a few months with no offers, I ended up convincing the homeowner to stage it, and we sold that one for asking price within 21 days of it being staged. I am 100% convinced that staging makes a difference in how fast your home will sell and will definitely affect what the home sells for. It takes the focus off the imperfections of the home and allows people to imagine themselves living in such a perfect setting. Joey has amazing ideas and has done some amazing things with my sellers homes just utilizing their own furniture and props to the point sometimes I wonder if it's the same house. Joey is a real pro at what she does and it has made an amazing difference in the value I bring to the table now that I have Joey on my team.

MARK Z., Associate Broker
MARK Z. Home Selling Team Inc.
2011 Wall Street Journal's Top 100 U.S. Real Estate Professionals
Keller Williams Realty
39500 Orchard Hill Place Ste 100
Novi, MI 48375
(248) 937-1337 Direct

"My Bi-level listing in Sterling Heights sold (closed) in under 90 days as a direct result  of the staging of this home by Exquisite Creations.  I held 2 open houses over the first 45 days of the listing and had over 10 buyers in each time, each visitor asking if the home owners were professional decorators"  My sellers were very pleased with the quality of the staging.  Although our first offer fell through due to financing, (pending within the first 3 weeks of being listed) we had another offer within 2 weeks."
PS  I am very sincere about my comments.....your staging sold this house.  I owe you a new customer!
Ray Nadolski
RE/MAX Suburban Inc | 43599 Schoenherr Ste 100, Sterling Heights, MI 48313 | (586) 262-2000 | 

To Exquisite Creations Home Staging,
"I was amazed to see how the finished product turned out.
The home definitely had the "WOW" factor when walking in the door.
I can see now why the buyers would really be impressed by the staging, it makes a huge difference. One showing was all it took for my listing! You guys really did a great job and I'm looking forward to doing business with you again."

Bobby Bielat
Keller Williams Great Lakes

Hi Joey, It's Flo Abke,
My clients were very happy,
Thank you again! 
July 07 2011
"I definitively recommend Exquisite Creations to any homeowners that want to sell their homes in this very tough market place.  Even though I had a very special home as far as location, sub-division and for the unique lay-out and paint decor, I lacked the WoW ! factor that Joey La Fata (ECHS) created for me.  The results, as you can see on
her website were outstanding. Prior to the staging, I had several showings but no offer was presented to me. After the staging, which occurred 1 month after I had listed my home on the market, the comments received from Agents and buyers visiting my home
were all great.  DO NOT miss the wave when your house gets listed on the market, Have your Home Staged for the day it becomes available on the market.  The Wow Factor will get your home sold FASTER and for more money!
 Joey and her team were very professional, attention to details, clean and efficient.  They spared no time for the maximum visual effects trying sometimes different combinations to find the best one and to maximize the Wow Factor. I was very happy with the price for
the services I received. I definitively recommend Joey and her team.
My home SOLD in 7 weeks after the staging."
Claude Nadeau,
Engineer and Homeowner.
October 20, 2009

"I wanted to Thank You for all your hard work. Your crew was wonderful, considerate and professional. My house looks amazing, I want to move back in now. I am blown away! When we had our original meeting and I saw your pictures I knew you would do a good job but I really didn't see how you could possibly put "WOW" into my sad little house. Now I see that you put more than just the "WOW" factor in. It looks so Amazing the detail you put into each and every view is showroom perfect! You saved me time and money by giving me helpful hints and advice on what to focus on. You played up all the positives and were able to distract from the negatives. The house looks perfect and new. You and your crew worked so hard, I couldn't be happier! My next door neighbor lives in a home in the same footprint layout, she complains all the time how small the house is and how it has no space. She walked into my home staged and could not say anything but that it was sooo big and had so much space. She was blown away by the staging and was completely caught up with the beautiful rooms that she never even realized we live in the same foot print house!! Your work is AMAZING and I am expecting an offer really soon even in this failing economy. I will NEVER sell a house with out you again. Thank you so much, you worked with what I had and made it shine!!"
Thank You,
Mellissa Hanna
(Mellissa's house SOLD in under two months!)


"Hi Joey,
Thank you for the great job that you did staging my mother's condo! Your service and attention to detail is above and beyond what I expected. From picking out paint colors, furniture, art, etc... to even getting out some of the stubborn stains in the carpeting, I firmly believe that it was your staging that did it so quickly! The process was painless and certainly cost effective. 
 Please feel free to give my number to potential clients as a reference."

Thanks again,
Franz de Raad
(Franz had a full price offer in 4 days!)

"In what is a dark and bleak housing market we found a shinning light.
My father in law passed away at the end of 2007 and my husband and I found ourselves in the overwhelming position of trying to sell his property in the worst housing market in recent history. This was challenging enough, but there was more. We were trying to sell it fast and from out of state. We were searching for a miracle. There was no way we were going to be able to do this without many trips back and fourth between Shelby Twp, MI and Tampa, FL for months and months. We took one day to interview real estate agents. We found on that we liked that same day.The next day she told us about Joey.
It was the miracle we were looking for. We were back in Tampa when I finally called her. She recognized the sensitivity of the situation. Joey put us at ease and there were no concerns from that point forward. She went to the house, took a look and called me back with a list of things that she thought would work in our budget and then like magic she made it happen. She sent pictures showing the progress and kept us updated on everything. Within 7 days of the completed product we had a signed purchase agreement. Joey was an unexpected gift that made the pain of the situation more bearable and made miraculous things happen in a market where they never happen. (sold in 7 days!) Joey was not only supportive of the selling of the house she was also supportive of the family. It is not often you find people with talent and geniune concern for their clients.
Joey, my family is eternally grateful."
Kelly L. Knecht
(813) 253-2010
(Kelly's property SOLD in 7 days!)

"Hi Joey,
We couldn't be happier with your help. The front of the house was an eyesore, thanks to your suggestions we were able to fix the problem. As for your staging, it was perfect. A fantastic job! I will use you every time. Im hoping to sell the house soon."
Thanks again, Yale


"Thanks for everything! I was so surprised when I walked into the house and saw the finished product. I just love the colors you used in the family room. Everything was done so tasteful.  Durning my open house the buyers have commented on the clean condition of the house and great furnishings. The feedback has been so positive from the buyers, I just know having the property staged has helped a bundle. The agents that have showed the property and have been so kind to fill out the feedback form have mentioned what a great job was done on the staging of the property. Now I am excited to hold this property open again, I know when someone walks in  they will be pleasantly surprised. It was worth every penny and I would definitely do it again!"

Laura Lawrence,
(Laura's listing SOLD in under two months!)

Thank you for all of your hard work in staging my listing/property on Power street in Farmington. The staging was Phenomenal! One showing was all it took for the buyer to fall in love with the house and she wrote the offer. I listed it Monday and we sold it that Saturday! SOLD IN 6 DAYS!
We will definitely be using your services for all of our investment properties in the future.
It was worth every penny!"

Thanks again,
Michael D Lutz II
Miken Real Estate
(734) 626-5333
(Michael's property SOLD in 6 days!)


"Hi Joey,
Even though we have never met face to face, I feel like I know you because of our many telephone conversations. Your staging talents are showcasing my listing at 1347 Audubon Road in Grosse Pointe Park. I have had several compliments on how great the home shows. I would not hesitate to refer you to sellers and agents. May God bless you and all you do.
Many Kudos!"
Mary De Manigold

"The house looks great, I love it, Now I cant wait for the buyers to see it."

 Michelle Chesney, Keller Williams agent and property owner


" You guys did a fantastic job, I will certainly be using them again. I buy and sell several homes a month and feel as if proper staging is a vital part of a timely selling process."
Nathan Mayes, 
Jeffery Douglas Properties,INC.
REIA of Macomb  

"I can't believe what a difference it (STAGING) has had in selling the house. I had an offer within two weeks after it was staged. I am definitely recommending your company to everyone I know. Thank you so much for your creative ideas and all your hard work that you put into my listing."

Bethany Blehm, La Fata Real Estate


"I want to thank you for the wonderful job you've done in staging my condo. Every room looks magnificent. Thank you for all you hard work to make my condo look so great."

Regina Lehmann, Condo owner



-Peter, Investor

"Dear Lady, The house looks Great! I am sure we will be doing more business in the short future. Again, thanks for a great job."

Sincerely, Joe Pavitt
 Keller Williams

"You did an amazing job and I was so impressed. The people who did  go through were impressed also. I look forward to doing more business in the future with you. The place looks great, I love the colors you used. My wife wants to know if you'll come to our house and do our kitchen."
Michael D. Lutz II
Keller Williams Realty


"It really makes a big difference, I'm getting great feedback from the buyers, I can see now why staging really does make a difference. I have sold 10 out of 12 condos so far."

Bill Kopetzki, Builder


"When I worked at the apartment community we always staged our empty apartments to help them rent faster. It really did make a difference. If a company is going to spend hundreds of dollars on something you can bet the research behind it is sound. I think what you are doing is great and really is helping these houses to sell."

Wishing you all the best,
Patti M.
"Hey Joey,
It's Thresa,
I wanted to say that the kitchen looks gorgeous, it absolutly looks gorgeous! The paint colors really pull together and match the dinning room as well."
Great Job with the painting and staging!
"To whom it may concern,
I would like to express how pleased we are with the staging consultation and work of Joey La Fata. She was timly and efficient in staging our property. For our company staging has turned out to be an invaluable asset.
Homes undoubtedly move off the market much quicker with staging then without.
Thanks Joey for a job well done!"
Chris Strelczyk
Co founder
GCS Real Estate


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